Accounting and Financial Management course in Arabic with a free certificate

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Under the heading “Accounting and Financial Management” , Edraak offers free online accounting courses in Arabic. 

Accounting and financial management are the most important components of companies, as they are concerned with managing the financial operations of the institution. Including revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities and equity.

The Financial Accounting and Management course covers basic concepts, tools for financial analysis, and global investment methods.

The student receives a free certified certificate after completing the free accounting course.

Course contents


Free course

Free Accounting Courses (Benefits)

Students from all Arab countries can join the Accounting and Financial Management course on Edraak platform. Students get the following benefits:

  1. Register for free online accounting course.
  2. Unlimited access to course contents.
  3. Free certified certificate that can be downloaded in pdf format after completing the course.
  4. It is not required to possess a student with a prior background (accounting course for non-accountants).

What will I learn in the financial accounting course?

On the free accounting courses, students will learn:

  • Knowing the financial statements and how to analyze them.
  • How to use financial statements in making administrative and financial decisions.
  • The relationship of investment to risk.
  • How do companies and individuals make the right financial decisions.

The student will also be able to practical application of accounting concepts that he learned  on a company.

The provider of the free accounting course

The Accounting and Financial Management course is offered through the Arabic Edraak platform and with the support of the Arab Potash Company.

This course will be presented by Mrs. Reem Abu Harb, who holds a master’s degree in global finance from the University of Durham, UK.

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How to register for a financial accounting course?

Students can register for an online accounting course by following the following steps:

  • Create an account on Edraak.
  • Activate your account by e-mail.
  • Go to the course page.
  • Click on Join Now.

All official links to register on the platform and the course are below.

On the OPPGATE platform, we have prepared a video explaining how to register for an accounting course. Watch the registration method from the video below:

What are the four financial statements in accounting science?

  1. Balance Sheets
    The balance sheet provides detailed information about a company’s assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity.
  2. Income Statements
    An income statement is a report that shows how much revenue a company has generated over a specific period of time.
  3. Cash Flow Statements
    A financial statement summarizing the amount of cash and cash equivalent that enters and leaves the company.
  4. Equity statementThe statement of equity is an important component of planning because it shows the total amount of capital attributable to the business owners.

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