McGill University Scholarships in Canada

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Explore over 400 programs in more than 80 departments to find the perfect fit for you. For Undergraduate Scholarships, you will be automatically considered for the McGill University Entrance Scholarship.

There are some changes made in the English Language Requirements due to Covid-19. You can give an Online English Language Test from Home.

McGill is the oldest university in Montreal, Canada, and one of just three English language universities. It is a public research institution. The University has more than 35,000 International Students from 150 countries, and 220,000 Alumni round the world. McCall MacBain Scholarship in Canada is one of the famous Canadian Scholarship and Well Known Scholarships for International Students to Study in Canada. Are you ready to challenge yourself, learn from others, and make a positive impact in other people’s lives?


  • Country: Canada
  • University Name: McGill University
  • No.of Scholarships: 80
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., Second Entry Professional Undergraduate
  • Financial Coverage: Funded

It is important to understand the graduate admissions process before applying. 30 percent of our students coming from outside Canada to Study at McGill University.

Coming from abroad? You’re in good company. McGill students come from a vast range of nations, cultures, and walks of life. McGill is the country’s most international university.


The McCall MacBain Scholarship is available in all academic Disciplines. The McGill University Scholarships for International Students will cover the following:

McCall McGill Scholarship:

  • Full Tuition Fee (for a Complete Duration)
  • Other Fee
  • A Living Stipend of $2,000 per month during academic terms
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Entrance Scholarships: Value: $3,000

Available Fields

  1. Agricultural Economics
  2. Anatomy and Cell Biology
  3. Animal Science
  4. Anthropology
  5. Architecture
  6. Art History
  7. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
  8. Biochemistry
  9. Bioethics
  10. Bioinformatics (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  11. Biological and Biomedical Engineering (BBME)
  12. Biology
  13. Bioresource Engineering
  14. Biostatistics
  15. Biotechnology
  16. Chemical Biology (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  17. Chemical Engineering
  18. Chemistry
  19. Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
  20. Classics
  21. Communication Sciences and Disorders
  22. Communication Studies
  23. Computer Science
  24. Dentistry
  25. Development Studies Option (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  26. Earth and Planetary Sciences
  27. East Asian Studies
  28. Economics
  29. Educational and Counselling Psychology
  30. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  31. English
  32. Environment
  33. Environmental Engineering (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  34. Epidemiology
  35. European Studies (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  36. Experimental Medicine
  37. Family Medicine
  38. Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
  39. French Language and Literature
  40. Gender and Women’s Studies (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  41. Geography
  42. History and Classical Studies
  43. Human Genetics
  44. Human Nutrition
  45. Information Studies
  46. Institute for the Study of International Development
  47. Integrated Studies in Education
  48. Islamic Studies
  49. Jewish Studies
  50. Joint PhD/Cotutelles
  51. Kinesiology and Physical Education
  52. Language Acquisition (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  53. Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  54. Law
  55. Linguistics
  56. M.B.A.
  57. M.B.A. (Executive)
  58. M.B.A./B.C.L./LL.B. (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  59. M.D.,C.M./M.B.A. (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  60. M.S.W./B.C.L./LL.B. (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  61. Management
  62. Management (doctoral programs)
  63. Mathematics and Statistics
  64. Max Bell School of Public Policy
  65. Mechanical Engineering
  66. Medical Physics
  67. Microbiology and Immunology
  68. Mining and Materials Engineering
  69. Music (Schulich School of Music)
  70. Natural Resource Sciences
  71. Neotropical Environment (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  72. Neuroscience (Integrated Program in)
  73. Nursing
  74. Occupational Health
  75. Oncology
  76. Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
  77. Parasitology
  78. Pathology
  79. Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  80. Philosophy
  81. Physical and Occupational Therapy
  82. Physics
  83. Physiology
  84. Plant Science
  85. Political Science
  86. Psychiatry
  87. Psychology
  88. Psychosocial Oncology (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  89. Public Health
  90. Quantitative Life Sciences
  91. Quebec Studies/Études sur le Québec
  92. Redpath Museum
  93. Religious Studies
  94. Social Statistics (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)
  95. Social Studies of Medicine
  96. Social Work
  97. Sociology
  98. Surgery, Experimental
  99. Urban Planning
  100. Check More Undergraduate Programs (Here)
  101. Check More Graduate Programs (Here)
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Eligibility Criteria

  1. For Undergraduates, have earned High School Secondary Education.
  2. Graduates have earned an accredited undergraduate degree, Bachelor’s).
  3. Meet the English Language Requirements.
  4. Applicants must also meet any academic requirements set by the McGill graduate department

How to Apply:

The Applicants Need to apply Online. For the McCall MacBain Scholarship (Visit Here). For Other Graduate Scholarships (Visit Here) and For Undergraduates (Visit Here)


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