Scholarship of SBW Berlin Founder 2022

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SBW Berlin Founder

Study in Germany. good news! The SBW Berlin Scholarship is currently open to international students. This article will provide detailed information about this scholarship program, its benefits, and a step-by-step guide.

International students have the opportunity to receive the fully funded SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022-2023. Scholarships can be used for undergraduate and master’s research. The scholarship provides 100% tuition waiver, monthly allowance, accommodation and travel allowance and more benefits.

SBW Berlin supports educational projects around the world. Through our SBW Berlin scholarship, we have contributed to the advancement of international education and knowledge.

SBW Berlin provides scholarships to young people from abroad who come from financially difficult backgrounds and use the skills they have acquired during their studies in Germany to promote long-term non-profit projects, preferably in their home country.

Our scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s programs in Berlin and Potsdam are based on students’ academic qualifications, personal abilities and social needs. The scholarship is applicable to all scientific and artistic disciplines. In some cases, we also assist with vocational training in Berlin and Potsdam. It is not allowed to fund studies in your home country or other German federal states.

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Scholarship SBW Berlin details:
Details about SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022
Scholarship scope
Eligibility criteria for SBW Berlin Scholarship
How to apply for the SBW Berlin Scholarship?
Details about SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022
Level of study: Bachelor, Master
Organization: SBW Berlin
Study abroad: Germany
Opportunity focus areas: all areas
Course duration: depends on the degree chosen.
Deadline: June 30 / December 31 (every year)

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Grant features:
Tuition costs
Monthly salary: 550 euros
Cost of round trip travel
University housing
Chorus is a German language for a year (for people who want to study in German).
Scholarship specialties:
Available in colleges below
Veterinary medicine
Engineering in its branches
The law
Mathematics and Computer Science
Philosophy and humanities
Business and Economic Management

SBW Berlin scholarship recipients will receive the following benefits:

Our shared student apartment in Berlin
The living allowance is calculated in Section 9.
tuition fee
You may also have travel allowances for your trip to Berlin before you start your studies and for your trip home after completing your studies
Eligibility criteria for SBW Berlin Scholarship
Candidates must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for the SBW Berlin Scholarship:

Required language: English.
Eligible countries: all countries in the world.
Age limit: 18-30 years old
Applicants should be enrolled in the first, second or maximum third semester at a country-recognized university (in Germany or abroad) where the master’s degree was obtained at the beginning of their university education or shortly before or shortly after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. At least 2.0 grade point average is required.

Applicants with relatively low net income. According to the country’s official data, the applicant’s family income does not exceed the average family income. The income of all family members and all sources of family income (for example, employment, business activities, property, child benefits, and pensions) will be considered.
Applicants with professional or volunteer experience in the non-profit sector may be considered for extracurricular activities.

How to apply for the SBW Berlin Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, please follow the instructions below.

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Applicants should obtain proof of admission, acceptance or qualifications from the University of Berlin or Potsdam.

(1) Fill in the application form.

(2) Fill in your personal information and contact information and upload your photo.

(3) Describe your current and previous education.

(4) Provide the following information:
You and your family.
A copy of your nearest school or university certificate
highest education
Highest degree obtained in university
Current career and career goals
In the case of vocational training applications, training
Professional experience and internship
Describe your skills, hobbies and interests
Traveling abroad
Volunteer experience

Attach the following documents:

Motivation letter (1 or 2 pages)
A copy of the previous school or university certificate showing your grade point average and grades
A copy of your highest academic qualification (high school diploma or university degree) and your grade point average
Please also attach copies of the following documents:

Admission to university or proof of your qualifications
A copy of your internationally recognized language certificate for the language you will be studying

Please also attach copies of the following documents:

Admission to university or proof of your qualifications
A copy of your internationally recognized language certificate for the language you will be studying
Reference materials and certificates for previous jobs, training, apprenticeships and internships
If you have already started your studies: all current university certificates and grade records (graded and ungraded)
Applicants are encouraged to submit the following additional documents that are not required:

Two or three letters of recommendation from professors, school teachers, employers, etc.
Evidence of family net income
Please note that non-certified copies and translations are sufficient to meet the application requirements. After going through the selection process, certified copies of some of these documents will be required during the verification process.

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(6) All certificates and supporting documents must be attached with the application

Here : sbw berlin scholarship application pdf file

Send an email in German or English to :

Scholarships (from the next semester) can be awarded after the final decision is made

Every year, the first day of February and the first day of August are expected.

Visit the official website to learn more about the SBW Berlin Scholarship


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