Najran University Scholarship 2022 for Bachelor’s in Saudi Arabia

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Najran University Scholarship 2022 for Bachelor's Degree in Saudi Arabia.

The University of Najran 2022 scholarship is awarded to students from all countries of the world for bachelor’s studies, and the University of Najran grants to non-Saudis for students at home and abroad for the year 2022.

The University of Najran scholarship for non – Saudis is fully funded, covering tuition and personal expenses throughout the course of study.

Students of different nationalities can apply for the scholarship in the disciplines offered at the University, where the University of Najran has 13 different faculties.

We will present to you at this opportunity the method of granting scholarships to non – Saudis from Najran State University, and details of admission and registration for non – Saudis at Najran University.
Scholarships for non-Saudis at the University of Najran

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Grants for non-Saudi Arabian students at University of Najran 2022 scholarship vary and are divided into:

Internal grants:

scholarships for students residing in Saudi Arabia.

External grants:

Non – Saudi students from outside Saudi Arabia are offered scholarships.

Benefits of the Najran State University Scholarship:

In its announcement, the University did not explain the benefits of the student’s scholarships, but applicants accepted in previous years indicated to the OPPGATE Educational Opportunity Platform that they had the following benefits:

Foreign scholarship benefits for non-Saudi Arabian students:

  • A complete exemption from tuition.
  • A monthly salary that covers living expenses.
  • Take care of tickets to and from the applicant’s country.
  • Free housing.
  • Health insurance.
  • Students receiving internal scholarships at Najran University receive a tuition exemption only.


University of Najran Admission and Registration for Non-Saudis:

The applicant for the University of Najran bachelor’s scholarship must be between 17 and 25 years of age, and the student is not entitled to change his or her specialty after admission to the scholarship. In addition, admission is restricted to students graduating only over the past five years.

Applicants to the University of Najran must also meet the requirements for admission to the University of Najran, which is as follows.

Internal grant requirements (for students residing in Saudi Arabia):

  • Graduating from public high school from Saudi Arabia.
  • Having a valid residence.
  • 90% in the general secondary school, 80% in the capacity test for scientific disciplines, 90% in the secondary and 80% in the general abilities of literary disciplines.
  • The same conditions are applied for admission of Saudi students.

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University of Najran External Scholarship (conditions) :

  • The age of the student is between 17 and 25 years.
  • That the student has not received a grant from another Saudi institution.
  • I am fluent in the Arabic language, and I attach what is confirmed to applicants in non-Arab countries.
  • Pass the medical examination (after admission).
  • Documents requested in the University of Najran 2022 scholarship.

    Below are the documents requested during the presentation of scholarships to non-Saudis attending the University of Najran 2022. These documents are uploaded at the acceptance and registration portal for non – Saudis.

In the case of internal grants, only a copy of the residence in Saudi Arabia (valid), the degree register and the certificate of graduation from public high school must be attached. For foreign grants to non-Saudis, the following documents are required:

Valid passport.
Certificate of Graduation and General High School Scoring.
A record – free document.
Certification of certificates by government agencies and Saudi attachments in the requesting country.

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University of Najran 2022 scholarship specialties:

Below are some of the specialties that can be offered in scholarships for non-Saudis at the University of Najran 2022 (please visit the university’s official website to browse all disciplines).

Students can apply to all disciplines except male and female medical disciplines, and to female engineering disciplines.

  • Business management.
  • Accounting.
  • Clinical laboratory science.
  • Medical rehabilitation science.
  • Medical and biomedical devices.
  • Computer science.
  • Information systems.
  • Network and communications engineering.

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Dates of submission for the University of Najran scholarship:

The University of Najran has established the following dates for the submission of scholarship applications

Submission begins on 26 December 2021
Submission ends on 3 January 2022

*Please refer to the official website to confirm admission and registration dates for non-Saudis at the University of Najran.

Official links and attached files:

Entrance and registration portal at the University of Najran
Admission form at the University of Najran

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